Tobogganing down a snow-covered hill never goes out of style. The Queen’s Concrete Toboggan Team is a civil engineering-based design team that competes annually in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR). The team is challenged to design and construct a toboggan with a running surface made from concrete, complete with steering and braking systems. Competitors are evaluated on their concrete mix and toboggan designs, speed, stopping distance, team spirit, technical presentation and technical report writing skills. The competition also addresses sustainability with two environmental based awards. Being a student run event, industry sponsorship is crucial to the success of each team and the competition.



Originating at the University of Alberta in 1974, the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is an annual four day event, where universities across North America construct a toboggan with a braking and steering system as well as a running surface fully made of concrete, that can safely transport five students down a hill. This competition incorporates many aspects including concept, construction, design, management, technical communication, and most importantly teamwork.


Teams are tasked with the design and construction of a toboggan that meets the competition specifications.  These specifications include material, geometric and safety restrictions that must be met in order to qualify for the competition without penalties or disqualification.  In order to meet these competition guidelines teams must provide a detailed technical report. This report outlines the sled design, including dimensions and materials used in construction, and a comprehensive stress analysis to ensure the sled can resist the expected loads during a crash scenario to guarantee the safety of all five riders during each race. The competition is based on a system that awards points for the technical report, sustainable design, numerous performance parameters during race day events, as well as the overall spirit of each team throughout the entirety of the competition.  The University of Waterloo will be hosting GNCTR 2018 where 30 dedicated and enthusiastic Queen’s students will present and race our sled among the competition entrants.


At the 2017 competition in Manitoba Queen’s won 1st place overall as well as numerous other awards which are all listed below.

  • 1st Overall Team
  • Most Sustainable Design
  • Best Performing Toboggan
  • Most Improved Team
  • Most Spectacular Run
  • 3rd Concrete Mix Design
  • 3rd Overall Toboggan Design
  • 1st Overall Racing Results
  • 2nd Fastest Toboggan
  • 2nd Technical Display
  • 3rd Overall Technical Reports & Presentations

Check out the race that won us ‘Most Spectacular Run’ when we come back from a slow start.



Race days consist of different events that test the design of each teams toboggan.  Each year, competition organizers choose which races will take place.  Past competitions have selected events including Drag strip, Giant Slalom, and King of the Hill formats. Points for performance are awarded to teams for numerous categories including braking, speed, steering, and overall safety. Results are posted live for spectators to follow and cheer on their favourite teams!


During the technical exhibit teams showcase both their chosen theme and the toboggan.  This event is another opportunity to gain points during the judging session. The doors are then opened to the public and industry professionals to see the toboggans first hand before race day and interact with the students who built them. Queen’s  has continually introduced new and innovative ideas at each competition.

Spirit plays a large part in the GNCTR competition.  Each year teams choose a unique theme to which costumes, technical display and toboggan must adhere.  Points are awarded to the teams that show enthusiasm and spirit for their selected theme and sportsmanship towards fellow teammates and competitors alike throughout the competition.



QCT truly appreciates the support of all our sponsors and we hope to create positive partnerships for the future. Taking part in Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race requires extensive planning, hard work, and funding. To make our mission a success we require funding for building materials, registration fees, transportation, accommodations, and more.

Our team welcomes financial, service related, and in-kind donations. Your donation will be vital in reaching our race budget of $40,000. Over the years, our supporters have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Concrete Toboggan Team.  At the race, sponsors are promoted to an audience of over 400 brilliant students as well as media coverage.

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Provide our team with promotional products with your company logo for the team to distribute during the event.
  • Your company logo on the team uniform, team toboggan, technical exhibition, website, and team banner.
  • Name visibility to an audience of over 400 brilliant students as well as media coverage
  • A team shirt and picture your contributions


After placing first at competition last year, QCT hopes to continue this success through further in our design innovation and plenty of hardwork. We are hoping to make a big impact at GNCTR this year and we want to take you on this great journey with us!

Please refer to our 2017-18 Sponsorship Package for event sponsorship tiers and benefits.

Queen’s University Concrete Toboggan Sponsorship Package 2016-2017

Queen’s University Concrete Toboggan Contribution Form 2016-17


For additional information and sponsorship, please contact our Head of Finance, Jeffrey Russell, at toboggan@engsoc.queensu.ca

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We’re looking for motivated and hardworking students who are going to be strong ambassadors for Queen’s University at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race.

Some benefits of participating at the competition include:

  • Valuable technical experience in mixing and pouring concrete, modelling in Solid Works and CAD programs, and working in a construction laboratory.
  • By joining QCT you will become part of a tight knit group that highly values the ability to be a team player.
  • A 4 day event packed with activities focused on networking, team building, problem solving, and leadership skills.
  • Meet and network with potential employers.
  • And much more!

Some things to consider before joining:

  • Dedication. Be ready to spend at least one day of the week with the team, it could be working on the toboggan, the technical exhibition, the team finances or participating in spirit meetings.
  • Good time management. Working on the concrete toboggan and keeping up with school can be overwhelming at times, make sure to stay on top of your course work and plan ahead.

Contact us at toboggan@engsoc.queensu.ca for more info!!



If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the
team at toboggan@engsoc.queensu.ca, or any one of us personally.
We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

Team Captain | Elise Hewat | e.hewat@queensu.ca

Head of Finance | Jeffrey Russell | jeffrey.russell@queensu.ca

Head of Mechanical | Tim Rosborough | tim.rosborough@queensu.ca

Head of Concrete | Tyler Monteith | tyler.monteith@queensu.ca

Head of Logistics | Thomas Fox | t.fox@queensu.ca

Head of Technical Exhibition | Rachel Janetos | rachel.janetos@queensu.ca